Catholic Society Upcoming events

8/10 Welcome Event. 1PM in the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. Come meet CathSoc and see what it’s all about! Food & fun provided.

14/10 Cambridge Trip. 8AM-10PM book tickets in advance. Take a trip to this beautiful university & city together with CathSoc.

18/10 Colchester Castle Tour. 2PM-4PM (meet on Sq 2 at 1PM or 2PM at Castle bridge) Led by archaeologist Philip Wise, explore Europe’s largest Norman keep.

21/10 Pilgrimage to Walsingham. 8AM-10PM book tickets in advance. See the Walsingham shrine and explore Holkham beach.

28/10 Oxford Trip. 8AM-10PM book tickets in advance. Visit England’s oldest university with other CathSocs in the South East.

See the poster CathSoc flyer 2017

For info on other events, see our facebook page

Everyone is welcome at Cathsoc events!